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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Years ago I was trained in an acupressure technique called  Emotional Freedom Technique. Ever since then I have been using this and teaching it to my clients. EFT was developed by a man named Gary Craig in the 1980’s, and has since been gaining visibility due to its astounding results. I find EFT to be an invaluable tool because it is safe and simple,and I have seen first hand how it can alleviate and remove emotionally challenging issues that prevent clients from moving forward. EFT is a type of acupressure that is based on the Chinese anatomical meridian system. Just as acupuncture can heal and remove physical symptoms, EFT can do the same for the emotional system.
It can be used  to positively transform many different issues:  chronic stress, anxiety, weight challenges, relationship conflicts, trauma and more. It accelerates the process of releasing unwanted emotional blockages quickly and easily. I love that EFT is simple enough that I can teach people how to do it for themselves. I feel it is my job to provide my clients with all the tools they need to create their own success.

EFT FOR KIDS: Whitney has seen great results using EFT with children. Learning difficulties, self esteem issues, friendship concerns, sleep problems, performance anxiety, and other general behavioral challenges can be explored and relieved in an easy and comfortable way with EFT.




“The huge difference between EFT and almost anything else used for healing is it’s power to integrate the conscious and unconscious processes while moving energy through the body-mind.  Moving energy through the meridians of the body-mind is a primary process for healing on all levels, and has always helped buried memories surface when emotional blocks are released and balance is restored. It’s this difference that has enabled me to have the first glimmers of hope for healthy relationships in 73 years, and for that I’ll always be eternally grateful to the pioneers of the EFT process and to Whitney for gently guiding me through our powerful sessions together!” – Jan Kennedy, Author

“Whitney has a knack for leading our discussions so that I find solutions to problems on my own. She is a great coach, gently guiding me towards the real issues and healthy, positive solutions. The EFT experience quickly, and painlessly helped me work on some issues I had with work anxiety. I felt the apprehension dissipate and I received clarity on the root of my worries in very little time. It was empowering.”-  Vanessa, Entreprenuer


“It is a joy to work with Whiney! My doctor recommended I see her to learn EFT to deal with  PTSD.  From the very first visit I felt like I had found someone that not only could help my situation but who could also teach  me how to help myself through any emotional issue. Since that time she has worked with me on many other issues , all with favorable results. Whitney is obviously highly trained, immensely caring, and very dedicated to her work in helping others to heal themselves.  The process she leads you through is so safe, supportive, insightful and for me, brings results very quickly always with a heightened sense of well-being  and emotional balance. This is one of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever had !”

Katherine, Retired School Teacher



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