About Whitney


I graduated with my degree in psychology from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1992, and went on to receive my masters in clinical psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I have worked in the personal growth and transformation field ever since. My journey has taken me into work with behavioral health programs in rural Hawaii, as a facilitator for nationwide corporate team building workshops and ropes courses,developing emotional intelligence programs for children by teaching conflict resolution skills, and as a counselor and now life coach for individuals, couples and children.

My passion is helping people engage the power of their thoughts, emotions and behaviors so that they can be free from depending on circumstances to feel good.  I explore ways to release living in reactivity and instead live in creativity and possibility. I have always been intrigued by how our thoughts and perspectives determine our success and happiness. I approach my clients challenges with a sense of ease, clarity and lightheartedness. I encourage my clients to explore their own patterns, and invite them to challenge themselves to reach a new level of living and participating in their lives. My work is greatly influenced by the teachings of Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, and the principles of the law of attraction. I am committed to being a life long learner and my approach draws from a wide range of  tools, training and experience which helps me illuminate wisdom and learning in my clients. I live in Santa Rosa, California with my globe trotting husband, two hilarious and sparkly daughters, and 2 fluffy balls of love.

Personal Philosophy

I hold a very strong belief and trust that people have everything they need inside of them to create and sustain happiness. Often our well being and inspiration is simply concealed. We become unconscious to it due to habitual thoughts and uninvestigated limiting beliefs that may not serve us. I believe that a sense of acceptance, gratitude, lightening up, and a good daily meditation practice could very well be the key to lasting change and happiness.


“The trick is in what one emphasizes, we either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”

– Carlos Castaneda


Additional Training/Credentials:

  • BA Psychology-University of Colorado
  • MA- Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology of Mind-Syd Banks
  • Emotional Freedom Technique  2007
  • Embodied Abundance Telecourse-Victoria Castle
  • Strategic Intervention Training-Tony Robbins

EFT Practitioner (emotional freedom technique)/Meridian Tapping
Member IAC-International Association Of Coaches
Member ACA-American Counseling Association

Special Interests:

  • Anxiety/ limiting beliefs
  • Parenting
  • Women in change and transition
  • Kids ages 6-13: focusing on conflict resolution and life/relationship skills, building self esteem, reducing fears and anxiety
It is not the circumstances that determine our happiness, but our reactions and thoughts about those circumstances. When change is desired it is our internal world that needs our attention. –Whitney


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