Even though I have a hard time making decisions, I love and accept myself anyway

Even though I’m afraid to make decisions it’s easier to let others decide for me, I’m open to trusting my decision-making

Even though I’m afraid to make the wrong decision, I love and accept all these parts of me

It’s too hard to decide

There’s too many choices

I feel immobilized

What if I picked the wrong one

What if other people don’t like my decision

All this fear about making clear decisions

So scary and overwhelming

I want to release all this fear and resistance

I want to be an active choice maker in my daily life

I choose to be a conscious decision maker

But who will I blame if it doesn’t work out

I’d rather let the momentum of my life make my decisions

I’m too exhausted to make decisions

It’s too much work

But I want to claim back my power

I’m afraid to decide if I make a clear decision what if I fail

What if I can’t do it then I will look ridiculous

I want to feel the energy and power of decision

I let go of being a victim of my life

It’s safe for me to make decisions daily

I look forward to feeling the power of my decisions

I choose to remember I can’t control every outcome, but I can control what I choose and what I’d decide

I’d choose to release this fear of the unknown

I let go of this fear of making decisions

Maybe I’m afraid to assert myself

Maybe others won’t like this new part of me

I choose to make clear decisions about my life

I choose to take back my power and decide

I choose to keep creating my true desires

I choose to focus on ways I can make decisions for myself daily

I decide to be happy

I decide to trust

I decide to be healthy

I decide to be compassionate

I decide to own my life

I decide to be accountable

I decide to be big in the world

I decide to love and accept myself exactly as I am.

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