About Conscious Mindset Coaching

Conscious Mindset Coaching is for people who are ready and committed to positive change and growth, and would like help discovering and creating solutions that can translate into action.
If you feel the need to:
  •  reconnect to who you are and what you truly want
  • discover how and why you may feel stuck and overwhelmed in your life or business
  •  learn ways to bust the victim mindset and become more of a purposeful creator
  • discover concrete tools to feel more joy, abundance and energy, living the life you truly desire
My passion is helping people engage the power of their thoughts, emotions and behaviors so that they can be free from depending on circumstances to feel good.  I explore ways to release living in reactivity to what is happening all around you and instead live in creativity and possibility.
I open the door for my clients to see how to use their minds, hearts and spirits to transcend habitual perspectives and beliefs that keep them stuck. I bridge the powerful world of intuition and energy healing(EFT) with real life, tangible tools and strategies to release conditioned thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you. My approach is compassionate, lighthearted, nurturing, practical and on purpose. I love helping clients see their own way and passionately embrace their path. It’s time to start using the power of your thoughts and your energy to live your BIG BOLD life!

The trick is in what one emphasizes, we either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

– Carlos Castaneda


  • Heightened awareness of the process of how you think about your life and your interactions, and how that impacts your results.
  • Clarification of desired outcomes; identification of roadblocks, and creation and implementation of practices and strategies focused on well-being and increased personal satisfaction in your life.
  • Greater accountability and empowerment for creating your desired results in an effortless fashion.
  • Acceptance and gratitude for where you are, while moving towards what is possible.


  “Working with Whitney has been the best thing that I have done for myself. She is giving me the tools to create true change, and to make my dream life a reality.” -Julie, Operations Assistant, Deloitte


“I love tapping with Whitney. She asks great questions to get to the heart of an issue quickly. When she leads me through tapping she chooses words that show she really understands me. After tapping together I feel encouraged and refreshed down to my bones. Tapping with Whitney feels profoundly beneficial.”

Anasuya Basil, Nutrition Consultant/Craniosacral Practioner http://www.mybodywisdom.net


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